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This game was made for the purpose of Bilgi University's Digital Game Design programme's 2020 Graduation Project courses.

NKIMMM is an interactive story experience which tells the story of dealing with loss. The narrative is designed as a written letter from the protagonist’s eyes to their deceased mother. The protagonist shares their experience and invites the player in their journey.

NKIMMM is a personal story, I wanted to create a game about my experience with loss to understand it better myself and also to have some time of myself with the subject because I felt like I needed it. Graduation Project seemed like a good oppurtunity for this. And it was!

*NKIMMM can be played with a Kinect v1 sensor. Current build can not authorize to use Kinect devices externally so you can download project files and play through Unity 2019.2.9f1

Design & Development

Orhun Yeğenağa


NKIMMM.rar 78 MB
NKIMMM-Project Files

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